Friday, March 6, 2009

How much hp prevail will i get with bolting on some headers? hp compaq dc7700 motherboard ibm p6 fru49p4384

Stinker twin turbo 1900 hp 7.99 1/4 mile
Viper twin turbo record 1/4 mile pill race at 7.99 seconds. By heffner's performance.

How much hp gain will i get with bolting on some headers?

Sry about all the header questions but im irritating to find ways to gain hp. I have a small block 350 and its pushing around 280-300hp and i was wanting to know how much more hp i will have by bolting up some way/strip headers. Im thinking about going with some Headman or Hooker headers.

depends on what you have in the engine, about 20 horses is always a benevolent guess, , and also it depends on whether or not they are long tube or shorty headers. a good intake and carb are always a aide addition with a set of quality headers.
  • headers are a headache...they usually leak, rust out early,
    and dollar per horsepower is tall.
  • On average headers will give you
    15-20 horses

    But, you are gonna have to replace 80% of your existing exhaust system as well, if not all of it.

    Best of fortune to ya.
  • you should gain some more horsepower, but if your looking for more horses, put your money inside the engine.

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