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Does anyone have a wedding shot takin in the back of a pickup truck? kent vanden bosch wedding photos 1936 ford pickup

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Does anyone have a wedding photo takin in the back of a pickup truck?

Hi, I'm getting married in august and do not have a professional photographer so I'm irritating to get some cute country poses for the bridal party. I'm looking for a pose sitting on the tailgate or in the bed of a pickup truck. I would also parallel to fine a pic of a bride in a tireswing, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks!

Onlly picture I found after looking, a lot.
easily that's not a wedding party but just change out the people
I think that these shots aren't done often because photographers can't get them to look right
One theme would be take a side shot of the truck and have everyone kneeling with Bride and Groom front and center and the wedding party surrounding them

bride on tireswing:
shot of bride and groom on tireswing (well, it's really just a shot of a couple, but it would job):
  • Here are some photos I found...
    I'm not finding much... I wish I was on my home computer.. my fiance's cousin's wedding was this defunct june and they took photos by a pickup truck... Mainly the side..The girls stood in front, and all the boys sat on the ledge of the pickup truck.. Perchance even have it where you are "applying on some lipstick" in the side mirror of the truck...

    Newskent vanden bosch wedding photos 1936 ford pickup

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